“Valdiviezo’s story, and those of other immigrant women, reinforces the link between migration and mental health.”
Xotchil Castañeda, Director, UC Berkeley’s Health Initiative of the Americas

“‘Prodigal Daughter’ is a compelling and insightful story that is both personal and universal, opening the door to conversation about largely unspoken and difficult issues. This film will aid in deepening our understanding of farmworker families’ experiences with mental health, and will strengthen our efforts to compassionately address these issues in our work.”
Mary Johnson Rockers, MSW, NC DHHS Office of Rural Health and Community Care

“Anyone who teaches in the Latino community should watch ‘Prodigal Daughter’. The film is a wonderful tool to understand the complex process immigrants go through when adapting to a new culture and being a woman beyond stereotypes.”
Adriana Briff, Educator for Students with Special Needs

“Mabel brings to our doorstep the harsh realities that life can throw at us. While she also offers us the reflective doorway to the compassion-heart of kindness where we can meet the full richness of life while dealing with difficulties.”
Rik Center, Executive Director, Mindfulness Care Center